Marla McNally – Passion is Everything

Marla McNally – Passion is Everything

If a person is passionate enough, no one can stop him from being successful. The fire of success which is burning in the heart takes the person at the level from there is no back way. There are so many examples of people who have pursued their dreams and now the whole world is worshipping them. There are people in different professions, and different walks of life who have picked their careers from where they have left in the later age and they are now successful.

Marla McNally believes in the same thing. She believes that passion is everything. It can push towards your life goals and motivate you to achieve them no matter what. This is one of the reasons she has brought herself back to the theatre. Even though she has a degree in music and was in the music industry for so long, she has listened to her heart and has started working in the theatre. She has proved that it does not matter what degree you have. If you have talent and you have a little bit of experience, then good luck to you.

Coming to the point, we have all heard about “Under My Skin”, but what does it has to do with Marla McNally? So, here is the news, which most of you all do not know. Marla McNally is the lead producer of the play. The play is being produced under the supervision of her. Under My Skin which has a new concept is going to stage at off Broadway’s Little Shubert Theatre (another great Broadway musical take place at ThePrivateBank Theatre, we advise you to buy Hamilton tickets in Chicago here). New York City is going to host this show. So, grab your tickets and be the part of something which is exciting and adventurous.

MarlaHer experience is based on 25 years working as a music publisher. She has now stepped into the theater to explore more paradigms of this field. While talking about the show she said that the show is all about the caring for each other, caring for your life partners. It is also about the realization that whatever the situation might be, we are in this together. No matter what happens we are going to support each other.

“Under My Skin” has been written by none other than Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser. The writers have already given amazing shows like The Nanny which was a huge success. If we talk about the story of Under My Skin, then it is a complete new project. The story is about a CEO and a single mother. This seems quite a simple or we can say a very casual story. Nothing amazing, but wait. Here is the twist.

They both end up in an elevator and then an accident happens resultantly swapping their souls. An angel swap their souls and the further story goes on. If you want to know what happens next then you have to watch the play. It is full of comedy yet it highlights that aspect of our life which we take for granted.

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