The idea behind off-broadway Under my Skin

The idea behind off-broadway Under my Skin

I am sure most of us have thought to swap our bodies with the other sex because why not? There are many instances in our society where we can see the inequality between the genders in many ways.

The male gender in society is more privileged in society than the female gender. To make people understand this, it is important to provide them something which is not too obvious, yet which can provide them a lesson or something to think upon. The division between genders makes a society very unstable society. In order to facilitate people with the best entertainment in which there is the element of laugh along with sentiments, ‘Under My Skin” also imparts a lesson of how important it is to consider both of the genders equally.

The idea of swapping the bodies does not seem only comic, but inspires many people to actually think of something which is unique and can bring some smile into the lives of the people. Written by Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser, directed by Kristen Sanderson explores the same theme in “Under My Skin”.

“Under My Skin’’ introduces Kerry Butler, who has played Melody Dent exceptionally well. Furthermore, there is the temp who ends up in the body of a billionaire Harrison Badish III. An actual switching of clothes and everything replaced with the other gender is seen in the play. Under My Skin” perfectly portrays what it feels like to be under the skin of another person. What it feels like to be a man or women under the skin of the particular gender. If we consider some glimpses of the story line of it them it goes like this.

Melody is relying on Harrison, for taking care of her grandfather suffering from some health issues and she has a daughter who is currently dealing with some anger issues (teenage problems). When on one hand, she is going through this, something happens which totally changes her life. This change brings adventure and excitement in the life of hers. The twist in the story is the death of the both characters which are brought back to life.

The angel from Eternal Affairs brings them back to life. Ms. Butler, on the other hand feels uncomfortable in the body of a man. She feels trapped as a bird in a cage. But all in all, this seems fun and adventurous. Similarly, Harrison, who is trapped in the body of a woman, he dresses like a woman and does things which all the women do. The mistake committed by the angel has been portrayed in a very comical way. It gives people a chance to forget their dull and boring routines and enjoy the moment.

Harrison is still stuck in the body of a female and we realize that Melody has a very substandard health insurance. This brings a very threatening news to Harrison from the gynecologist. The best line of Harrison is “That angel hates me, not only does she want me to die, she wants me to die with your coverage.”

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  1. I like the Idea of the show very much! “how important it is to consider both of the genders equally.”

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