How Fran Drescher inspired Prudence Fraser and Robert Sternin to write Under My Skin

How Fran Drescher inspired Prudence Fraser and Robert Sternin to write Under My Skin

There are some shows which are portrayed amazingly in the theatre that we really want to know the history. How the script was inspired and how the masterpiece was created. One of the masterpieces played in the theatre was “Under My Skin” written by Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser.

The couple has always used their individual talent and mixed it with their amazing ideas. This is why we were able to watch sitcoms like The Nanny and Who’s The Boss written by Sternin and Fraser. Talking about Under My Skin, it explores the theme of exploring/swapping the bodies of both the genders. This story is inspired by the real life character (Fran Drescher), who has battled with the cancer.

Have a look at what the writers think about it.

Robert Sternin: There is an element of curiosity in everybody. We all think or want to feel that particular feeling while being in the body of other gender. You see, a man and a women, both are different, their body is different, and they both feel different things and think differently. To understand their psyche it was important to swap the bodies and explore that thing which was missing. Fran Drescher inspired us to write this story. Drescher had to go through the whole cancer thing. Her experience became the reason to write this and we were like “This needs to live in the world of the CEO of a healthcare company who never thought of the people he’s supposed to be caring about.”

Under my skinPrudence Fraser: obviously everyone would laugh if I say that a man has to be in the female body. People will consider me mad or something like that. But I had to show that being in the female body was not as easy as people think.

Robert Sternin: We have to base our play at the line of healthcare, I heard Prudence says one night when we were coming back home. “Is that going to be funny?” is all I said. “You are going to get a man in gynecologist stirrups”. Done.

Why did you choose New York for the play?

Robert Sternin: New York is the land of dreamers. It is the hub of everything. I was always determined that New York will be the place if we are ever going to start a theatre again.
Prudence Fraser: The Nanny got us a lot of pressure. When it ended, phew, I thought, but I never knew we would be back again in the pressure.

Shed some light on the differences between working on a sitcom and creating a play?

Robert Sternin: working six years for just one project provides you a lot of time to think about it.
Prudence Fraser: I like the development part which we have to go through during rehearsal.
How would you see the present situation of Television?

Robert Sterning: being a part of dramas like Homeland and OITNB, I want to reproach them while watching sitcoms.

Prudence Fraser: these days the kids are not into the laughing thing. When we started the sitcoms, it was almost dead and then Cosby outlived it. It is a circle which keeps on moving.

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