The cast of the show

The cast of the show

Who does not know Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser? The couple has always astonished the audience with their amazing work. Be it The Nanny or Who’s the Boss? It has always been an amazing experience witnessing the work of these two on TV, but this time around get ready for some fun thing. We have all heard that the team is working on some new project. The project is named as Under My Skin which is a sitcom and will be a Broadway Show, Little Shubert Theatre is going to host this show for the people this time.

However, when it comes to the cast of the show it seems pretty excited because the stars which are going to be performing in this are all very expert in their field. Kerry Butler and Matt Walton are going to be lead actors in the play Under My Skin. The further cast of the play is Megan Sikora, Allison Strong, Kate Loprest, and Andrew Polk.

All the characters in the play will be covered by the chosen artists. These two artists have already worked in Catch me if you can and Burn after Reading respectively. The show is going to be a huge success as it is directed by Kristen Sanderson. Obviously the production, and direction house of the play has chosen the cast very carefully, considering everything beforehand. Now the question which arises here is that is the cast going to do justice to the characters. Since, the cast has been chosen after a very careful decision we can assume that this is going to be big hit. Everything is going to be perfect and the audience will have a jam-packed fun.

What is exciting about the play is its storyline. Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser are going to introduce an entirely new concept in front of the people which is going to be staged. The story is about a single mother who has to deal with her teenage daughter having some anger issues and her grandfather whose health is deteriorating. On the other hand, there is a young man played by Walton. Swapping bodies seem difficult rater impossible, but this is what happens in the play.

When these two got stuck in an elevator and dies. The Eternal Affair angel provides them with another life, but in each other’s bodies. The writers have attempted to show people what it feels like to be in someone else’s body, especially if it is the body of the other gender. It gives them a chance to see the whole world from a different perspective. This brings a lot of realizations on the person because we often think that certain tasks are very easy for the people whereas it is not the case. Everything which seems pretty easy is not as it seems.

To think that female gender does nothing or they have everything which can easily be done is where we are wrong. Watch the play and be one of the experience.

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  1. I think the cast was so good, so many talented stars!

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