Yet another review of Under My Skin

Yet another review of Under My Skin

Whenever a new TV show comes or a theater show or even any other thing we looks for the reviews. Reviews help us in giving an idea of what the story is and things like that. It is a kind of future flash technique just to give the audience an idea of what they should expect from the show. The reviews also include criticism most of the time. Talking about Under My Skin, it has been a talk among people. This year, New York City is going to host the show, off Broadway is what it is.

As we all know and seen The Nanny. The show was quite an entertainment for many years. Now, the same writers Robert Sterning and Prudence Fraser has picked up their pens are determined to provide their audience a show which is full of humor yet with a story which is very similar to our daily routines. We all talk about gender roles and things like that.

We do not know what it feels like to be in the body of the other gender. Be it a man or a woman at some point in their lives they have this wish of experiencing the life of another. But of course, this is not possible. This cannot happen. The feelings and emotions are very difficult to feel until and unless you are the same gender. The story revolves around a single mother who is struggling with her ailing grandfather and young daughter who is going through some anger issues.

She has given up her scholarship to business just to take care of her loved ones. On the other hand, there is a young CEO works in a Healthcare company. We can blame the fate for their meet up as they accidently ends up in an elevator. They are stuck in there. And an Angel swaps their souls after their death. The swapping of the souls is the real twist which makes them realize so many things. This is not about one gender or one person only. It is about both of them. It is about experiencing the life of the other person through his or her perspective but with his own eyes.

Surprisingly, there is no swapping of bodies but the souls only. There is only swapping of clothes rather than personality and habits. The female protagonist Melody experience the world of Harrison with his fiancée. This brings many revelations into her. On the other hand, Harrison experiences the world of Melody, the female world while on a night out with Nanette.

The show is full of comedy, which slowly reveals the stark realities. The issues related to the health are very severe. Even if they are cramps, a women can suffer them, but a man, this is doubtful. When Harrison feels the cramps, the problem is severe. This leads him to consult the gynecologist.

This story is inspired by the writers’ closest friend who had to go through cancer and its severe consequences.

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