American Made Pain Relief

Although many people use an assortment of different products to relieve their pain, many of them do not know where the products originated and so do not know of their effectiveness or their safety for taking. This is not the case with a relatively new product for the relief of muscle pain as CBD Muscle Cream is just one of several American-made CBD products from American CBD.

American CBD takes advantage of the new discovery of how to identify the different properties found in the various different cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. Hemp, of course, is better known as marijuana, weed or cannabis and it is the cannabinoids in this plant which contain THC which gives it its bad reputation.

CBD, a shortened name for Cannabidiol is something which can be beneficial to health whilst THC which is the shortened name for tetrahydrocannabinol which can be detrimental to health but both are found in the cannabinoids of the same plant. Until now it had not been possible to determine which cannabinoids contained what and so any benefits gained from taking hemp for its CBD, had been subject to the side-effects from THC.

The side effects associated with hemp were probably known by the Ancient Egyptians who are known to have used hemp for medical purposes as many as 4000 years ago but they probably thought the side-effects were minor, compared to the benefits it provided and almost every civilization since has been of the same opinion, until the 20th century.

It was when, in the 20th century, marijuana was taken widely especially for its adverse side effects, namely providing a high, that most countries in the world deemed it illegal to use or even grow hemp. Hemp though continued to be used illegally but today, with the newly obtained knowledge enabling the different cannabinoids to be segregated, hemp is once more becoming a legal plant for medical purposes, although its recreational use is still banned in most countries.

It is believed that hemp has the potential for even more health benefits and research is even carrying out to see if it can help cancer patients, perhaps not be a cure for cancer but at least reduce the suffering cancer patients go through. Research is also being carried out to create strains of hemp with no THC content and whilst they have so far been able to create strains with very little THC, they do hope that in the future hemp can be safely grown anywhere without it being grown for its THC content, making it ineffective for recreational use.

The hemp plant has the potential to be the most useful plant on the planet for human use as it not only has untold health benefits but also has the potential for other benefits. For example, instead of using wood to make paper products like napkins and toilet tissue, the pulp of hemp could be used instead, reducing deforestation and therefore improving the earth’s atmosphere.